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90 M12 All metal A-justa-foot™   HD Foot 121/60/M16/90 with square TTE 11/51/M16

The HD A-JUSTA-FOOT™ is a heavy duty all metal multi-adjustable pedestal foot ideal for chemical, industrial and food industry applications. They are extra heavy duty, making them ideal for very heavy machinery. The whole unit, foot, ball and stud are all metal 304 stainless steel.

The stainless steel feet are ideally suited to the food and chemical industry where washing down is necessary.

HD Foot 131/90/M16/190

The HD A-justa-foot™ range is supplied with an antislip pad and locknut.

A range of square and round inserts is available to complement the feet. These inserts are designed to be welded into the tube giving the optimum hygienic seal. As the feet and inserts are machined, special requirements in size, length and design can be produced.

All metal A-justa-foot™ on plastic injection moulding machine   125 M24 All metal A-justa-foot™